Who are you and why?


Somewhere in the first days of bitcoin's existence I saw a promise of decentralized money and decided to buy/sell with magic internet tokens. Expectations of crushing income from bitcoins over the years led to much more money than I could spend at that moment, and I donated most of my bitcoins, and just recently under unforeseen circumstances I lost all my other bitcoins along with my laptop.

What are you doing now that you don't have any more big money?

I used to donate most of my money to charity. For your information, the Pineapple Fund was bigger than the whole market bitcoin hat when I came in, and it was one of the richest 250 bitcoin addresses that day.

At the time, I didn't think I could end up in this situation. 
Now I'm working and trying to recover from the shock. I believe in miracles and I really hope that someday I will be able to access the lost bitcoins.
The collected bitcoins will be used to solve my current problems and also to work on restoring access to the lost bitcoins.

How many bitcoins do you have now?

I don't have anything right now, so I'm asking for help.
The Pineapple Fund represented most of my crypto-currency holdings, and recently I lost the remaining bitcoins with my laptop.


Why do you remain anonymous?

Advertising has never been the meaning of the foundation, and I don't want fame. I am a simple person and in my life I am very modest, nobody knew about my savings at bitcoin or Pineapple Fund, only my family, they always supported me in all my endeavors.

I have a request from the media...

Feel free to email the contact in this domain and I will get back to you! 


Why is the name Pineapple Fund?


I'm very fond of pineapples. Did you know that pineapples contain high levels of bromelin, which proved to be anti-inflammatory, relaxing and digestive?!