About PineappleFund.Me
It's been over 2 years since my mission and the end of the charity project pineapplefund.org, where I donated most of my Bitcoin.

I have never chased wealth or fame, so all my donations have been anonymous. 

Life is a series of events, sometimes mystical.

Briefly about my situation, now my family and I are in quite a difficult situation! I lost access to a laptop with a lot of information that was part of my life, as well as access to a cold wallet with more than 2000 bitcoins! These were my last savings at Bitcoin. 

It just so happens that now I have to start my whole life again, and I have a long and hard way to go.
I really hope that I can get access to my cold wallet.

I need about 25 BTC to solve my problems and develop further, it's only almost 0.05% of the amount I donated from the Pineapple Fund.

I never thought that I would ever have to ask for help because I had a fortune, but there are different situations in life, and today I want to ask everyone who cares about my activities and everyone who has received help from me. 
Friends, I have been kind to you and I really hope that you will answer me the same and help me in my difficult situation. I believe in the boomerang effect.
Do not remain indifferent!  


I believe in miracles and kindness, because lately I have been helping to believe in miracles and to do good for many people around the world! 

♥, Pine

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